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Today was an unusual but moving one.

An old friend from Sydney and I went to a meeting this morning – it was always going to be an odd one, but no sooner had we got there, the meeting had to be postponed until later in the year.

It had been a while since we’d caught up, and with nothing else planned for the day, we decided to take the day off and go to see the new World War 1 exhibit at the war memorial.

over-the-frontIt is a while since I’ve been to the War Memorial and I must say the WW1 exhibit is well worth seeing. (I found I couldn’t look at the Sopwith Camel without thinking of Biggles.)

Fiction aside, I can’t visit a war memorial without feeling a deep sense of admiration and sadness for all those young men who lost their lives it such circumstances.

The exhibition is called ‘Over the Front’ and features a fantastic film of a dog fight that filled my vision in such a way that I didn’t know where to look. The only thing missing was the smell of gunpowder, oil and smoke. It is very well done, and the best dog fight sequence  I’ve ever seen.