A passionate and engaging storyteller who inspires ‘light bulb’ moments.

Iam the youngest of the City to Surf Legends, which means that I’m one of a handful of people who have run the Sydney City2Surf every year since 1971 (that’s 42 consecutive years so far).

Chris Edwards and Steve Waugh at the launch of the 40th City2Surf

Chris Edwards with Steve Waugh at the launch of the 40th City2Surf

I’m an everyday bloke and I approach my work in the same way that I approach Sydney’s toughest community fun run, with a strong sense of focus, determination and reliability.

I have worked as a full time leadership development coach since 2007. I specialise in helping people get the most from life by learning how to set and reach some key personal development goals.

It’s one thing to set goals, but it an entirely different thing to set goals and then achieve them.

Speaking Topics

1. Have You Seen My Marbles? This fascinating and engaging talk about the lives of a dozen men will challenge your thinking about yourself and others.

2. How to set goals and maintain your focus and your motivation to achieve them.

3. The City2Surf: A Fascinating History.

I am currently working on a research project into exercise, aging and mental attitude that has included in-depth interviews with each of the 37 City2Surf Legends, (many of whom are now well into their 70s). The results of his findings are scheduled for publication in 2013.

I can provide an inspirational and empowering talk about beating procrastination, setting achievable goals and developing strategies that will help you overcome physical and mental obstacles.

To discuss these or related speaking topics contact with me here.

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