Chris Edwards Life Coach Challenge

Are You Ready To Kickstart Your Life?

“My clients have made life-changing breakthroughs in over 90% of my one-off personal coaching sessions.”

That’s not a claim, it is a fact.

I only have coaching contracts with 10 personal coaching clients at any one time, so the only way to get a coaching session with me is by purchasing a gift voucher for one of my unique one-off private coaching sessions.

Get one today and make 2015 your best year yet!

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching involves inspiring people to make behavioral changes that will transform them and the people around them, thereby increasing productivity and performance.


Communication Consulting

Great leaders understand the power of a sound communication strategy underpinned by exceptional corporate reporting, publishing, photography and video production expertise.


Small Business Coaching

The key to small business success is learning how to take control in such a way that you have enough time to enjoy the rewards, rather than allowing your business to run your life.


You Have 7 Years to Spend It

SAVE $226 with my ‘As-Long-As-It-Takes’ Life Coaching Gift Voucher Offer.

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