Chris Edwards life coachIbelieve that to make the most of life, you first need to be in control of it. Many people go to their graves without ever having lived when all it would have taken was commitment to themselves and a little direction.

My focus is helping people to get clarity, become more motivated and to take control of various life and business or career challenges. As I write this, I’m feeling a great sense of satisfaction because only yesterday, a man who six months ago was in a deep depression, thanked me for helping him get clarity and direction in his life. It really is a wonderful buzz to see him walk with a spring in his step.

Before many of my clients were born, I set myself a long term challenge to complete Sydney’s premier fun run every year, for 50 consecutive years. This year I’ll finish my 45th City2Surf. If I make a commitment, you will have a commitment. My name is Chris Edwards and I’m known as the youngest of the City2Surf Legends, author of ‘Begin With The End In Mind: The Untold Story Of The City2Surf‘ and the developer of The Goal-Setting Blueprint.

This is my eighth year working as a full-time Life Coach specialising in goal-setting, motivation and leadership. I also have 30 years of corporate and business experience that I can draw upon if and when required (and it often is!).

I enjoy the challenge of helping people solve their problems, get back on track, find their passion, set achievable goals and live out their dreams. If you feel that you are a bit lost, or treading water, perhaps I could help you too?

LIFE COACHING: with Chris Edwards

Life Coaching Example

“Chris literally turned my life around by helping me to get clarity on my direction in life and to focus on what is really important to me,”

Damien McKay, Solicitor (Sydney)

Family Business Coaching Example

“Some of the best work we’ve done. He really got us across the line in personal goals and some massive business goals.”

Murray Evans, Co-Owner Jack Evans Workwear (Orange NSW)

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching involves inspiring people to make behavioral changes that will transform them and the people around them, thereby increasing productivity and performance.

Life Coaching

Before we can move forward, often we need to overcome a few personal challenges first. Download my Goal-Setting Blueprint to get started… It’s 100% Free!

Small Business Coaching

The key to small business success is learning how to take control in such a way that you have enough time to enjoy the rewards, rather than allowing your business to run your life.

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